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Facet Joint Syndrome (Arthritis of the low back)


Facet joint syndrome is pain that resides at the joint between two vertebrae in your spine caused by swollen facet joint due to osteoarthritis.

Patients with facet joint syndrome have difficulty twisting and bending their spine. If you have facet joint syndrome in your cervical spine (your neck), you may have to turn your entire body to look left or right. Facet joint syndrome in your lumbar spine (low back) may make it difficult for you to straighten your back or get up out of a chair.

Pain, numbness, and muscle weakness associated with facet joint syndrome will affect different parts of your body depending on which of your nerves are being affected. If the nerves affected are in your cervical spine, you may have facet joint syndrome symptoms in your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. If the nerves are in your lumbar spine, you may have symptoms in your buttocks, legs, and feet.


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